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nail dip colors nail dipping nail dip powder
nail dip colors nail dipping nail dip powder

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Save Thousands By Being Your Own Nail Tech At Home With Our Fun And Easy Nail Dip Powder


Nail Dip Description

Grinch is a glitter nail powder dip. Each nail dip color is a 1oz jar of nail dipping powder that allows for approximately 25 manicures. Nail dipping powder is great for natural nails or nails with tips.

Once applied, the nail dip color may appear slightly different due to different layering techniques and lighting.


How To Use Glitzy Dip Nail Dip

Using Glitzy Dip nail dipping powder is easy! 

  1. Apply one coat of step 1 primer. 
  2. Apply one coat of step 2 base and then dip your nail into the nail dipping powder. Repeat for each finger on a hand.  Brush off the excess powder. Apply one coat of step 2 base and dip each nail into the nail dip again, brushing off the excess powder in between dips. You want to do dip your nails into the dipping powder a total of three times.
  3. After brushing off the nail dip powder on the last nail dip, use step 3 activator on each nail. 
  4. File and shape your nails, ensuring they are smooth. 
  5. The last step is to use step 4 top on each nail. Allow it to dry and apply one more coat to finish your nail dip manicure.


Nail Dipping Benefits

Using an at home nail dipping system can help save you time, money and illness!  By avoiding the salon, you can be our own nail technician at any hour of the day.  Plus, you will be spending roughly $2.50 per manicure instead of $65+!  Have you ever thought about how many people have put their hands into the nail dip powder jar at the salon? Gross! With your at home nail dipping powder kit, you can rest easy knowing it’s only your hands that have been in the dipping jar! Well, unless you share with a friend or family member, which is highly recommended!

    nail dip colors nail dipping nail dip powder
    nail dip colors nail dipping nail dip powder

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