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About Us

Hi! My name is Heidi. I live in the gorgeous state of New Hampshire, where the winters are cold and the summers are hot - we get the best of all seasons!  I am a mom to three retrievers and eight chickens! I am a business woman who puts my time and energy into causes and products that I am passionate about. Read about my story here!
I started Glitzy Dip in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. What has happened is unprecedented and many Americans have had to re-think how they manage self-care and beauty regimes.  One of the areas that I had to figure out how to manage myself was my powder dip nails!  I'm good at a lot of things, but nails? I wasn't sure I could handle that myself!
I started researching powder dips online and realized that a lot of them have banned ingredients by the FDA that can make your nail bed very thin and brittle.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Having falsies on for over 25 years, my nails were a wreck at the beginning of the pandemic.
Not only do some salons use cheap powders with banned ingredients, I also had an eye opener about sanitation! I bet you've never thought of how many other people had their unwashed hands in that salon powder dip before you dip - gross! I knew I was never going back after this pandemic, so I had to figure out how to become my own nail tech stat!
I ordered a few powders from some of the big guys; they worked. I quickly realized I was going to save 95% of my nail spending budget by taking the DYI route - score! I found that my time spent playing with my nail dips was "my time" and really relaxed me.  It's easy, fun and PRETTY! I even used Color Street overlays for accents and began to get real fancy with my techniques.
I could have continued to buy powder dips from other companies, but I felt a real passion for nails and saw it as an opportunity to grow a new business and help with my life's goal: to be a mother and support my family. I struggle with infertility and for over two years now, practically my entire savings has gone into trying to become a mother.  I mean, guys - I could have bought a house with how much I have spent working to build my family! 
However, if I was going to do this, I was going to ensure that the product was:
Not tested on animals
Did not contain MMA (the harmful chemical that makes your nail beds brittle)
Did not contain ANY of the 9 harshest chemicals in the beauty industry
Had Vitamin E and Calcium to strengthen the nail
Easy to use
Available in a wide variety of awesome colors
I also was committed to providing training videos and tips. Additionally, I wanted to grow an incredible community of Glitzy Dip gals in an invite-only Facebook Group.  A place where we can share our successes, get help with our failures, encourage each other, get inspiration and have fun! 

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