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Champagne Pink Glitter

color street nail strips nail polish wraps nail polish strips

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Lift, Press, File and Go! Our 100% Nail Polish Strips Makes Manicures Easy

Our nail polish strips deliver a high shine, chip-resistant manicure that lasts up to 14 days. Nail polish strips are easy to apply right at home or on the go with no UV dry time, no topcoat, and no soak-off removal required. Glitzy Dip nail wraps offer many nail wrap designs that you can mix and match for incredible manicure designs! Unlike Color Street Nail Strips, our nail wraps are thicker and less likely to rip.  They also provide a chip-free experience that lasts up to two weeks.


  • 16 -100% nail polish strips
  • instructions


  • Real high-quality polish
  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly
  • No UV necessary
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Chip resistant



STEP 1: PREP •Wash hands with soap and water. • Shape nails and push back cuticles. • Use an alcohol prep pad or acetone remover to ensure nails are clear from oils and residue. • Make sure your nails are completely dry before application. STEP 2: SELECT SIZE • Select strip size for each nail. For optimal fit, the strip should not exceed past the nail bed onto skin or cuticles. • Gently lift strip from sheet starting from edge.  STEP 3: APPLICATION • Place strip over the center of your nail, starting a the cuticle line and pressing outward. • Press down firmly from center and side to side. STEP 4: FINISH • Fold over excess material • Using the white side of the file, file downward firmly in one direction making sure the file is positioned vertically and not angled over the free edge. • Smooth out nail edge of the file making sure that nail edge is clean and free from excess strip remains. For optimal adhesion, avoid exposing nails to lotions, oils or water for at least one hour after application. HOW TO REMOVE: • Use regular nail polish remover to remove the nail strips.



      color street nail strips nail polish wraps nail polish strips

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